Be My Book Valentine Giveaway Hop

Be My Book Valentine Blog postBe My Book Valentine Giveaway Hop
Love is in the air and I have teamed up with some wonderful book bloggers to do a giveaway hop. We will each be choosing Book Valentines who will win some great romance book prizes!
Winner will get a $10 Amazon Gift Card- that way you get to pick the book you want!  
  • Giveaway runs till Valentine’s Day
  • Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hrs to respond until another winner will be chosen. Winner will be verified prior to prize being awarded. 
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Thanks for entering the giveaway! Now head on over to these other blogs to get a chance to win some more prizes! Trust me- these are some amazing prizes and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to win them!  Plus you will get to meet some of my amazing fellow bloggers 🙂
Nightbird Novels 
Book and a Blanket 
Feel free to share this post with your friends and fellow readers!  Thank you and Happy Valentines Day!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years and cheers to 2018! We had a blast celebrating the end of the year with friends and our boys. Couldn’t ask for a better night. I did attempt to make Champagne Jell-O shots and I have to admit I was pretty proud of my attempt. I’ll list the recipe right below here:

Heat 1 1/4 cup champagne, 1/2 cup sugar, 1tbsp of lemon juice, and 3 envelopes of gelatin over high heat for about 2 min. Lower the heat and stir everything for about 3 minutes. Remove from heat and add 1/4 cup more of champagne, and 1/4 cup vodka. Add to nonstick pan and chill for at least 2 hours or more. Remove from pan and cut. Add your sprinkles and celebrate!

I am expecting a lot from 2018- growth in friendships and relationships, new experiences, trying new things, traveling and having fun. Specifically, I hope to keep writing in this blog and taking fun creative pictures for my Instagram account (@roastedromance)

Bookwise- I plan to participate in the Unread Shelf Project and read more from my books that I already own. I hope to expand my reading choices (don’t worry still plan to read and send awesome romance reviews and news your way!) by stepping out of my comfort zone at least twice a month. Check out The Literary Birds for more talk on being well read and how I came to think I needed more of this in my life. Whether it’s non-fiction or a genre I have never read, I’m leaving that up in the air. I did set my Goodreads goal at 50 but I’m not going to kill myself if I don’t reach it. Although it would be highly unlikely that I won’t.

I am editing to add a link to a pretty cool diversity reading list that was mentioned in the comments that can be found on: Zaina B Booklover’s blog so be sure to check it out!

January TBR list is already underway. I did get this amazing planner from LittleInklingsDesign on Etsy. I think she has sold out for the year but it is definitely for the book reader.

I don’t usually set resolutions as I mentioned in a previous post but I will add in addition to those goals I would like to save up to purchase a nice camera and lens.

I hope you all of a wonderful 2018 and that you make those dreams come true. Be happy, be positive and work hard. Have fun!

I’ll go get to reading now and be on the lookout for some reviews coming up soon!

#MonthofFaves2017: Changes you made to tweak this year

Today’s prompt: Fri. | Dec. 15 – Best Changes You Made To Tweak This Year #AMonthofFaves – best changes you made or routines you kept that to better organize your day / life; your = morning, evening or daily routines

This was a big year for me. I finally felt like I could breathe again for the chaos that came since 2015. At the beginning of the year I made resolutions (more like items that I wanted to accomplish) and I really gave it my all this year to make them happen.

First thing first is just breathing. Relaxing. I tried yoga, I tried meditating. I tried to remain calm if something negative crossed my path. I made a conscious effort to wake up positive and remain positive. I tried to approach my day with a smile on my face, actually say good morning to the people I see every morning and be a freaking ray of sunshine. ☀️ mainly I tried to remain humble and grateful in every situation I was faced with.

I started to play piano again. I started coloring. I cooked A LOT- and created food for people I love. We got season tickets to the Saints and I get to see my best friend every Sunday! I did things that made me happy. I started a blog about the thing I loved the most- reading! It has brought me so much joy to create new friendships. It’s probably been the highlight of my year.

I would say the biggest thing I did this year was ease up- on myself, my kids and others. I don’t have to eat organic everyday. I don’t have to work out everyday. I don’t have to finish every project I start. I do have to enjoy life with my husband, kids and family. I do have to only give as much as I can. I do have to put value on my friendships and relationships and treat them with the same respect I am given. I do have to love my life because I am insanely blessed and couldn’t have found a better person to do life with.

I can only hope 2018 brings me as much joy as 2017 did. It’s been real 💁🏻‍♀️ fun. Here are some of my favorite recaps:

#AMonthofFaves: Favorite Book to Movie or TV Show

Today’s prompt: Wed. | Dec 13 – Favorite Book to Movie or TV Shows #AMonthofFaves – what were your favorites (and / or least favorites); did you both watch the movie and read the book; which was better?

I know I am a cutting it close, but I managed to get in my post!



My favorite book to TV (well I have two really) is Game of Thones and Outlander – in that order.  I AM OBSESSED WITH GAME OF THRONES.  I read the first book and then I finally caved in to watching the show last summer because everyone at work was talking about it.  So since I have major FOMO, I decided to join in the fun and finished up 6 seasons in about 3 months.  So this year when the 7th season came out, you could find me watching it on Sunday and then again on Monday to see what I missed.  I remember standing in front of the TV on the last episode with my mouth hanging wide open.  AMAZING.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Outlander I picked up because I didn’t know what to do with myself after finishing GoT and not having anything else to watch for the next two years lol.  I had read the books awhile back so I was excited to see it on TV and actually didn’t realize it was even on TV.

We did cancel cable and only have Direct TV now and free HBO through AT&T, so after I finished GoT, I just pay for the Starz app for like $7.99 to watch Outlander.  I told my husband as soon as it’s done, we can cancel that too!

I think I went to the movies twice this year (Bad Moms 2 for sure and maybe some Amy Schumer movie) so I didn’t watch any Books to Movies.  I really don’t like books to movies, so I do tend to ignore them.  No rhyme or reason, but mainly because I get mad because the actors aren’t who I pictured the whole book so it just ruins it for me.

Do you have a favorite book to TV show or a favorite book to movie?

#MonthofFaves: This is how we blog


Today’s prompt: Wed. | Dec. 6 – This Is How We Blog #AMonthofFaves – Essential Computer Programs, Browser Plugins, Websites and / or your blogging routine, blogs on blogging that you follow, blog tips you learned and used this year.

Since I just started blogging, this will probably be short.  I have enjoyed reading everyone’s posts about blogging and can’t wait to see what next year’s post will look like!

This Is How I Blog..

I made my blog public in November of 2017, so I am a total newbie!  I was reading forum after forum that just said if you want to start a reading blog, DO IT and quit thinking about doing it.  I reached out to Rhiannon at Ivory Owl Reviews after reading a post about turning your reading addiction into a blog and it was because of our email exchange that I went for it!

I started off with a free website on WordPress but I quickly felt like if I wanted to do it for a long time, I was going to go ahead and take the plunge and purchase a domain.  I went through Google domains, and somehow figured out how to have all of the traffic from the wordpress domain to my newly purchased domain.  (I seriously felt like a tech person or programmer because I had ZERO idea what I was doing!) But after chatting with google help, WordPress Help, and reading a few forums, VOILA! You now have!

I wouldn’t say I have a style- I want my website to be just that- my website!  I also want traffic to said website, and I try to keep my reviews in the same format.  I am not big on GIFs or Meme’s.  I mainly like to give you some info about a book, my opinion of it, and how you can purchase it.  I would like to continue to get a bit more personal and add my own style to my site, but I feel like my style is seen more on my Instagram feed (@RoastedRomance)

What do I blog on: My computer and my iPhone 8.  I am in the market for a new laptop so if you have any suggestions send them my way!

What programs do I use to blog/social media with: I mainly just use WordPress on my website.  I haven’t found any programs that I felt like I just had to have.  I try to link each review to my website in the Review by title section to keep a running list.  I also have a Passion Planner that keeps up with my schedule of when I would like to post things.  Again, suggestions welcomed 🙂

Blogs on Blogging That I Follow: None- so send some suggestions my way!

Most non-techy thing I’m using for my blog: That would have to be the Passion Planner.  It keeps my list of books I need to read, when teasers are scheduled to post, cover reveals, reviews and tours.


How do you blog?  Do you have a routine? How many times do you post per day?  Do you schedule posts?  Let’s chat!

#AMonthofFaves: This is How We Read

Today’s #AMonthOfFaves post is all about how we read!

Mon. | Dec. 4 – This Is How We Read #AMonthofFaves– eg. Number of books read so far, genre you read the most from, picture of favorite (or most often used) reading location, most read author, % eBooks, hardcovers, paperbacks and/or audiobooks, hint at what your favorite read of the year is (let us guess), types of books you wish you read more of, month you read the most and least)

Number of books read so far: At current time- my Goodreads says 63, but I don’t think I tracked in the beginning of 2017, but maybe I did! Actually since I finished this post, I know I didn’t account for some Harlan Coben books so I will give myself 70.

Genre I’ve read most: Romance- duh!  I used to read more general fiction, but the heart wants what the heart wants, sigh.

Reading location: I mainly read in my bed that I share with my husband and two kids, so if I can find my 2 inches that I have been allotted, then I will be content.  Otherwise, B built me a reading nook that I LOVE (see picture below) or the couch.


Most Read Author: This year has been Karina Halle- I recently found her and I believe it is about 22 of her books that I have read. HOWEVER, I did read a bunch of Harlen Coben books that are neither accounted for in my Goodreads log so he might be the real winner.  In the past, I have read a lot of Greg Isles, James Patterson, Mary Higgins Clarke (much younger days) and a few others.  I am pretty loyal when it comes to authors, so if I find one I like, I typically stick with them for a few months until I read all of them!

Paperbacks, E-books, Hardcover: If you would have asked me this 3 years ago, I would have sworn by paperbacks.  Now because of lovely technology I mainly read on my iPhone or Kindle.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Some hints at my fave books: Anything that has a “Southern” atmosphere- I adore books based on where I live {Louisiana} I am also a sucker for high school sweetheart stories, friends to lovers, and enemies to lovers.  I also enjoy a book that I cannot guess or predict what will happen.  When my mouth is left open, there is your sign.

Types of books I wish I read more of: Thrillers- but I really have to be in the mood for them.  I guess this year just hasn’t been my mood.

Month I’ve read the least: Probably last May- I have a huge deadline at work, and usually work until about 2 in the morning.  I tend to slack off around that time, but it’s usually the beach a week later so I get back in the game pretty quickly.

What did you read in 2017?  Feel free to participate in the blog post and create your own #MonthofFaves reading addition!

#AMonthofFaves : 2017 edition

Brittany Elliser Sit Santa 2017 04.jpg“The skinny on #AMonthOfFaves:

Join hosts  GirlxoxoTraveling with T and Estella’s Revenge for our 4th annual #AMonthofFaves blog event – a fun way to recap the year that was. We have every day of the event (MondayWednesday and Friday) planned out for you, so you can join in anytime. There will also be a link-up on all of the hosts’ blogs – put a link to your post so  that we can stop by each and every post to leave comments, high fives, good vibes and well wishes. Here’s what we’ll be blogging about.

Today’s prompt:

Fri. | Dec. 1 – #AMonthofFaves [The 2017 Favorites Edition]– eg. to eat, drink, wear, smell, see, do, enjoy, best purchases, most used gift received etc, favorite concert, outdoor activity, place visited, most squee worthy moment of the year.”

So here goes:

About a month ago I decided to actually go through and put together my blog of books that I have read and started documenting reviews of said books.  I never realized that in a little less than a month, my world would open up to a whole different community, one where I finally felt “in sync” with since no one in my life is really down to talk books 24/7, although my love of smutty books is well known, and was kindly introduced (through another blogger that I randomly decided to message) to T., a fellow online blogger and bookstagrammer and who has actually been to Baton Rouge pretty recently.  2017 has been great by all means- no hospital stays, no crazy liver diseases, nothing major happened and I really tried to focus on enjoying and living life, by doing the things that make me happy and experiencing things that I enjoy.

So here is my breakdown:

My favorite drink:  Well I am from Louisiana, so I do enjoy the adult beverage quite often, but I would have to say my most requested drink has been a French 75.  Here is how you make it:

  1. Fill cocktail shaker with ice. Shake gin, lemon juice, and sugar in a cocktail shaker until well chilled, about 15 seconds. Strain into a champagne flute.
  2. Top with Champagne. Stir gently, garnish with a long, thin lemon spiral and a cocktail cherry.

My favorite food: Also being from LA, I am pretty snobby when it comes to my cajun cooking.  My favorite food/most requested food of 2017 is probably anything cajun related- crawfish, crabs, shrimp, you name it and I will likely eat it.  I can also do some pretty hefty damage to some crabs if I do say so myself.  I also have really enjoyed charbroiled oysters- Oysters on the grill, garlic, butter and parm.  AH- MAZE- BALLS.


My favorite smells: I probably have diffused too many things to count this year, but I love the smell of Purification from Young Living Essential Oils.  I also really enjoy JOY and Stress Away.  I do wear Jimmy Choo perfume everyday but only because B got it for me because it came with the most free things.  He knows my heart.

My most used gift: That would be our Ninja Coffee Machine that Sofia Vergara sold to us for 3 easy payments of 49.99 (I actually don’t know what we ended up paying for it, but I know my husband fell for her accent and the coffee machine!).  It has a frother and my sister gave us all kinds of flavors to add to our coffee.  Barista Bryan (husband) makes the most delicious coffee every Saturday!


Fave place visited: I did travel a lot this year- I went to Florida, Texas, Seattle, Colorado, Tenessee, Cabo and probably more I am not thinking of.  But I actually have two favorites- we went to Cabo San Lucas this year and Nashville.  I really enjoyed both places as they were places I had not been before.  It was fun to get away and relax in the tropics and Nashville was a weekend filled of drinking and catching up with old friends so you can’t beat that!

Squee worthy moments: Getting asked to attend the pediatric liver conference in Seattle as a parent advocate and getting TWO FULL DAYS with my sons doctors one on one.  That is a HUGE deal if you are a parent in the medical field.  I got to ask them whatever I wanted, pick their brains, but also be recognized for the work I am trying to accomplish by ending the waiting list and seeing better patient outcomes post transplant. Super cool!

Also, just watching the boys grow- nothing better than that and definitely my most favorite of the year!

Do you want to join in on the fun?  What are your #mostfavesof2017?20543553_10102812606062204_3563388115262463634_o