New Release + Review: Whispers of My Skin

Whispers of my skin RD

Whispers 22

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Whispers ebook

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

That’s what they say, right?

Well, I guess it must be true because I’m desperate.

And I’m about to take desperate measures.

That’s why I’m standing at his door, preparing to face him. Even though we are no longer what we used to be. Even though he doesn’t love me as he once did.

The girl he loved is no more, she vanished.

So did he.

Both gone with the wind, left behind in the mists of time.

We grew up, moved on.

But just when it seems there’s nothing left between us, there comes a second chance.

A whisper that grows, won’t be ignored, can’t be ignored as it ensnares us, entwines us.

Whispers of love.

Whispers of my skin.


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Whispers of my Skin was a slow burn, friends to lovers book featuring Tara and Joel. They haven’t seen in each other in awhile but as fate would have it, they are back in each others lives. And to make it even better- a true southern Cowboy read – who doesn’t love a cowboy rancher!

I did enjoy this book- the beginning did a great job of leaving just enough intrigue to keep you reading. You have to know what could events could have possibly transpired that has left Tara in the predicament she is in now.

There was a lot of back and forth between the two- I did love when they would get together, but more often than not something ridiculous would happen that would break them apart. I did enjoy the whole story, but I thought could have been told better with less drama. It was a lot to take in, but at the end of the day I was invested in and enjoyed the characters and their story.

I give this book 3.5 stars because It was well organized, it was captivating, I enjoyed the story and I thought the characters were relatable although at times unrealistic. I picture this book best read on a vacation in the mountains sipping on some coffee and looking at the beautiful land. So if that is something you have planned, pick this book up!

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Whispers of my skin RD-2

Author, wife, and mother of a girl and a puppy. I love the happily ever after. Believer & dreamer. I live in my own world, sipping Ginger Ale and lime. I’m always plotting my next book, coloring pages and reading.


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