Mega Review: Meghan March’s Mount Trilogy

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A few weeks ago I managed to fly through 3 books from Meghan March. Meghan is a new to me author that I found in 2017 and she writes a lot of books set in my favorite city, New Orleans.  So of course, I have been working my way through her whole reading list, but this series was something else!! I cannot believe I am just finding her, but I am oh so glad I did!  Her writing is for the mature audience, but even though it is a little (ok i will be honest- A LOT) dirty, it is ok.  If you like to be a little dirty, then go out and get this series and thank me later!  So, here is my review for the three books in the Mount Trilogy- Ruthless King, Defiant Queen and Sinful Empire.

Ruthless King (Mount Trilogy, #1)Ruthless King by Meghan March

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely LOVED everything about this book- as many of you are aware, and if you aren’t then I haven’t done a good job of indicating in my reviews exactly HOW much- but I LOVE books set in New Orleans. Not only is this book set in my favorite city, but it explores some of the deep and dirty secrets of it. I was hooked after reading the first few pages.
Kiera and Lachlan Mount’s story is nothing short of amazing. I loved their chemistry, even though he is a bad boy and she is the “good” girl, you quickly start to learn that she has a little devil in her too. They chemistry was instant, it was hot and it was so intense- just how I like it.
Keira inherited the Seven Sinner’s Distillery and is doing everything in her power to make it be the best distillery in New Orleans. (Hello Lady Boss!) Mount owns everything in the city and thanks to Keira’s late ex husband he plans to own her too- in every way possible, and Meghan’s writing makes you want to never stop reading about how he plans to own her.
In my opinion, this book was much hotter than any of the 50 shades books. There was the dominance aspect for sure, but Keira is boss and held her ground. You might feel like you should hate him at first, and he has made appearances in Meghan’s other books so I had a preconceived notion of him. But you don’t- you realize you actually sort of love him, and it messes with your mind in all sort of good ways! This book is dirty, so if you get offended easily, this is not for you.
I give this book 5 stars because it was beyond a page turner. It devoured me and spit me out. It was so well written, I had no intention of putting it down until I was done. And then I needed more. I highly recommend it if you have somehow missed this book!

Defiant Queen (Mount Trilogy, #2)Defiant Queen by Meghan March

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book made me think of the quote- behind every great King, there is surely an even better Queen. And man is Keira that queen for Lachlan.
I enjoyed this book because we got to see a different, softer side to Lachlan and we got to know a little bit about what made him tick. He is still the bad ass, hardcore, don’t mess with him guy, but we and even some of his associates get to see he might be a little bit more into Kiera than he originally let on. This book takes you on a whirlwind and it doesn’t let you feel better when you get off the ride. It leaves you wanting more.
Keira is also flirting with danger as much as possible. I think she also realizes what hold she has over Mount, but while she wants to push his buttons, she also wants to make him happy. Their attraction is still insane as ever and if anything has gotten stronger in book 2. This book is so wrong, but so right. It makes you want to be bad and throw all of your reserves about love out the window.
I give this book 4 stars because it was insanely good! There was a lot of back story, but still important to the overall story. I still couldn’t set it down and ignored all of my responsibilities in life until I was done with it, and then wanted more. It is also for the mature audience only, but like I said before a little dirty doesn’t bother me.

Sinful Empire (Mount Trilogy, #3)Sinful Empire by Meghan March

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sinful Empire was the last book in the Mount Trilogy and it was everything I wanted and more. It was everything and nothing I expected. I was surprised at the events that took place, because I honestly did not see that coming. It seems as if every aspect of their life that we learned about in the prior two books somehow made its way back in and then blew your brains! I won’t say too much more because I don’t want to give anything away- but in this book we find out exactly how and why Kiera and Lachlan first met. And then we see exactly how bad Lachlan’s world is because the little bit of good he has found with Kiera could be taken away from him.
These books rocked my world and left me with such a bad book hangover. I have no idea how anything will top this trilogy because it was just amazing.
I gave this book 5 stars because it gave me everything I wanted- a happy ending, a little bit of mess in between and a nice wrap up to the first two books.
Meghan’s writing is phenomenal in my opinion. I love the way she tells a story. I loved this series. I loved getting to know the characters and everything about them. I highly recommend this series and would suggest you go out and get them all now!! And then hide in your room and binge read until you are done- then come and find me on Instagram or message my blog and we can talk about how much you are obsessed with it too!

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If you would like to purchase them I will link them below.  Have you read this series or anything else by Meghan March?  Send me a message or find me on Instagram (@roastedromance) and let me know!  I love talking about these books and recommend them to anyone and everyone who likes a little dirty in their books!

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