Early Release: Smooth Operator by Jennifer Lucia

Title: Smooth Operator

Author: Jennifer Lucia

Genre: Romance


Olivia Holman, author of the acclaimed Pirate Duke series, is having a pretty good day. In fact, she has just gotten the best phone call of her life- her book is getting turned into a movie starring Tyler Sutton.

Yes, that Tyler Sutton. You know the one. The one in the tabloids with a different supermodel on his arm every week. The one who’s funny, smart, and charming- the one Olivia can’t stop thinking about. Tyler seems intent on making Olivia his next conquest, but Olivia doesn’t want to be the latest notch on his bedpost. She resists, even as they grow closer. Olivia is torn between her heart and her head.

Could there possibly be more to Tyler Sutton than the sleazy tabloid rumors would have you believe? Or is Tyler just another smooth operator?


Smooth Operator was a smooth read for me! I was very intrigued from the blurb and after finishing it, I was hoping that there would be more in books to come!

Smooth Operator is the story of Olivia and Tyler. Olivia is a historical romance author (HELLO DREAM JOB) whose book has just been picked up by a big wig in the movie industry. Tyler is the person who was chosen to play the lead actor in the movie. When Olivia firsts arrives to meet the actor, it is connection at first sight and it only gets hotter from there. However, Tyler is a womanizer so his past is a little troublesome to Olivia who is not really interested in getting her heart broken. There is drama, romance, fun, flirty moments, and super sweet moments in the book that really draw you in. The writing is also very smooth and you can tell that it is a well written story!

At times, Olivia was pretty annoying to me, but I also understood it. She wants to protect her heart. I mean, who doesn’t? But for once, I actually believed the Hollywood actor. He was SO genuine and down to Earth, it was almost annoying just how perfect he was. There is a scene at the end though, where Olivia gets it handed back to her, and I was it on!

Jennifer did such a good job of writing the story that there were characters I thought I would hate at first, that ended up being my favorite. It also felt so real- in fact it seemed like a story that could happen to my best friend. Olivia is just your average woman and she caught a lucky break. Sign me up for some of that!

I gave this book 4 stars because it was a great read and I would recommend it. I enjoyed the writing, the character development and the story was so genuine and funny. If you haven’t picked up this book yet, I would highly recommend you adding it to your TBR and sit back for good read!

It’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited too!

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