New Release + Review: Elite by Carrie Aarons


Title: Elite

A Privileged Novel

Author: Carrie Aarons
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: February 18, 2018
If you’re in, you’ll never have to ask. If you ask, you’ll never be in.Eloise Mason knows what it’s like to live among the privileged. Seeking a
change from the upper crust society of Europe, she flies halfway across the
world for a semester abroad in the one place guaranteed to toss responsibility
out the window and provide some good, old-fashioned fun; college in The United

Except nothing at the picturesque, Ivy-covered university in Vermont appears as
it seems. And after a mysterious invitation arrives on her doorstep, curiosity
wins over the need to turn her back on games meant for the rich and ruthless.

Secret societies, risky tasks, and an inner circle to rival the royals. But it
may just be one American boy who threatens to be the most dangerous endeavor of

Colton Reiter defines the word idolized at Jade Mountain University. In fact,
he practically rules the roost from the three point line of the basketball
court. The college’s star point guard, he is a god and treated as such;
professional scouts at every game, teachers looking the other way when it comes
to grades, and girls falling into his lap at the snap of a finger. He wants for
nothing, or at least that’s what he wants everyone to believe.

But when he meets the sassy girl with the British accent who could care less
about his status, her very existence threatens to unveil the skeletons buried
deep in the back of his closet.

With stakes this high, and hearts on the line, can they turn their backs on
power and popularity before the ivory tower comes crashing down on their heads?



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I was so excited to read Elite after reading Privileged- and good news is that you don’t have to read the first book in order to read the second book, although they are connected and overlap a little bit.

I love Carrie’s style of writing and I have loved each of her books, but I am pretty sure this one is my favorite.  I love the secrecy in the Social Clubs – serious Cruel Intentions vibes and I LOVE it- I loved the secrets in the book from the main characters and I loved how I stayed interested throughout the whole thing.

Eloise is from the privileged lifestyle, but that hasn’t always been the case.  Her and her family were slumming it until her dad caught his big break and now she lives a lifestyle only most can dream of.  She decided to attended college in the U.S. to have a sort of normal college experience before heading back to Europe to attend cooking school in the elite city of Paris.  On her first day there, she not only meets a boy that takes her breath away, but also is invited to join the elite society of a group of girls, but is sworn to secrecy.

Colton also has his secrets and man, are they of the big variety.  But when he sees Eloise, he knows that she is life changing, no matter the cost.  He will do anything to help his family just like he will do anything to get to know Eloise.  But unbeknownst to the both of them, they both have their secrets, and it seems like it’s a recipe for disaster.

Reading this book brought me back to my sorority days, and thank goodness by friends weren’t awful people like these girls are.  The main girl who leads the sorority needs a serious life check and thankfully she gets it- the end has a sweet wrap up that made my heart sore because girl GOT what she deserved.

My heart completely broke for Colton.  Even though what he was doing is not right, it’s like he had no other choice and you can’t help but try to understand where he was coming from.  I wanted nothing more for them to be together because they both fit each other.  They worked so well together and made each other better.  I absolutely adored reading about they just clicked and worked.  While neither of them had serious relationships before, something about their chemistry just worked, and I thought Carrie did a great job of writing the story to show you exactly how much they cared for each other.

I give this book 4 stars because I loved the story and my heart broke over and over each time they came across an obstacle.  I love the characters and I loved how they both overcame things to get what they wanted in life.  I am a sucker for HEA, and Carrie definitely brought me that.  There were times when I wanted to punch the girl group because bitches be crazy, but I’m glad everyone got exactly what they deserved.  Elite is a book that I would definitely recommend and I think that you should pick it up if you haven’t already!

Author Bio


Author of romance novels such as Red Card and the Captive Heart Duet, Carrie Aarons writes sexy, swoony and sarcastic characters who won’t get out of her head until she puts them down on a page.
Carrie has wanted to be an author since the first time she opened a book. She loves spinning tales that include dapper men, women with attitude, and the occasional hunky athlete.
When she isn’t in what her husband calls a “writing coma”, Carrie is freeing up her jam-packed DVR, starting her latest DIY project, or planning her next travel adventure. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, who is more than happy to watch sports while his wife plots love stories.
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