Mega Review: Sixth Street Band Romance Review by Jayne Frost


So I did a thing this week- wasn’t planning on it and definitely have no idea how I found the time to do it, but once I started reading I couldn’t stop.  To start from the top though, I have met a lot of wonderful readers on Instagram.  There is nothing more I love to do (well other than reading) than to scroll through and see what everyone is reading.  Last week I saw a post from @steamyreads and how she loved the book Lost for You by Jayne Frost.  Next thing you know, we are chatting about the books and she sent me over a copy of 3 of them.  I didn’t have anything on my plate that I HAD to read, so I thought I would pick these up and just read when I could.  Well, I was totally wrong on that theory because once I started one, I had to read them all!

The books are in a series, but can be read as standalones.  They do have a suggested reading order, but you don’t have to follow it.  Mainly because anytime I see an “order” or “rule” I have to follow it, so I of course started with book one.  I do believe Jayne is currently writing the fifth book and it should be out sometime this year.  If you want to read in order here they are:  Gone for You, Fall with Me, Missing from You, and Lost for You.

BOOK ONE: Gone for You- Cameron and Lily’s story


Book one sets the stage for everyone, and it is where you are first introduced to the main characters in the following books.  Cameron, Christian, Logan and Seth make up a band called Caged and they play in Austin, Texas on Sixth Street.  Cameron’s brother Chris is always around too, helping the boys out with whatever they need- girls, places to stay, food, etc.

Christian has just been in an accident and all of the members of the band have rushed to his side.  Their current manager takes this opportunity to try to have a press conference  instead of respecting their privacy or worrying about him at all, so they switch all of their plans and end up in a different hotel to avoid her.  It’s while checking in that Cameron first sees Lily- she is sort of like a concierge.  And while Cameron can have his pick of any girl, he only has his eyes set on Lily.

However, Lily isn’t cut from the same cloth as Cameron.  She has grown up with a silver spoon, and her dad is the Governor of Texas. She was supposed to marry someone handpicked by her parents- and definitely shouldn’t be dating the lead singer of a rock band.  Since she didn’t go along with their plans and wanted to be an art major, her parents have “disowned” her and she has to support herself- thus working in a hotel and other things.

While the two seem like total opposites, they definitely attract.  And they are both looking for someone to love them.  Cameron- the hard, serious rocker, never having a serious girlfriend, and Lily – the daughter and woman that just wants to find love finally.  When they finally give in to each other and accept that they are what each other wants and needs- it’s just perfect.

This book had the perfect amount of lust, angst, and romance.  It was just what I needed after reading a few books that didn’t exactly do it for me.  I didn’t want a lot of complications, and I wanted a happy ending without too much dramatics.  And I definitely got that out of this book!  I gave this book a 4 star rating because I thought the stage was set perfectly and it was a good story without too much fluff.  I enjoyed the heck out of it!

BOOK TWO: Fall with Me- Christian and Mel’s story


Christian is another member of the band Caged, and he has a secret- that secret being that he is a complete nerd and is actually pretty smart (NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! I’ll take brains and rock star any day!) They first meet in a diner that Mel is working at, but it’s when he sees her again that he knows he shouldn’t mess with fate.

Mel is strong and she has to be.  I love when there is a strong female lead.  And I absolutely adored Mel.  I think we could be friends in real life!  She is a hard worker but she also has her secrets too.  And slowly she let’s Christian see each one of them.  But while she finally decides to let him in, she never wants to be seen as a problem or like she isn’t enough.  And while it’s uncharted territory for both of them, they both work well together.

I feel like if you were to meet Christian in real life he would be this big soft teddy bear.  I loved how he wanted to take care of Mel and how she needed him to take care of her.  And I loved how she finally let him.  You can tell that they both have extremely big hearts and as much as Cameron and Lily were opposites attract, Mel and Christian are like two peas in a pod.  They just work perfectly together.

I gave this book 4 stars as well because I enjoyed reading about them.  Each character had quirks about them that I absolutely adored and I thought it was a well written book.  I thought the story kept me engaged and at the end to find out that Jayne Frost’s actual relative had the same disease as Mel’s grandmother spoke volumes to me.  When an author writes about something so personal and you can tell that this book was for them, it just touches my heart. I also love a happy ending, so I was glad I got it here too!

BOOK THREE: Missing from You- Sean and Anna-baby’s story


Book three is my absolute favorite.  If you have read my blog before, you will know that I am a sucker for any story where there is a child involved.  And this one got me too!  Also, you know I love second chance romances so add that to the mix, and I don’t think I will ever hate it.

Sean and Anna have a history- they were each other’s first loves and due to the fame of the band, they were torn apart right before they left for their first tour.  And Anna had to witness the worst thing possible when it comes to relationships – so she left and never looked back.  She even married someone else.  But all along, her heart always belonged to Sean.  He just had no idea how much so until he sees her again.  And believe me when I say that Sean has been living the Rockstar dream- including having sex with anything that will walk.  But when he sees Anna again, he knows that she really never left him, and he will do anything to keep her, even if it’s only for one night.

Anna is my favorite character- she not only is a bad ass woman, but a bad ass mom.  She stepped up when she needed to and took care of her baby.  She sacrificed and made sure her daughter was always taken care of.  She is even a pretty fair mother, which is always admirable in my opinion.  Any mom who wants the father of the child in their child’s life and doesn’t hold it against them is amazing in my opinion.  If I was ever in that situation, I could only hope to be half the woman as her.

Sean- what to say about him- he loves hard.  But he loves on his terms and has a lot of growing up to do.  He has a lot of lessons to learn and he has to learn them before ever thinking of getting Anna back.  If I actually knew Sean in real life, I would want to punch him.  He was immature at times and needy, but it wasn’t annoying.  I thought that the author did a great job of writing and walking you through the story.  It was a heavy read at times, but it was worth it in the end.

I gave this book 5 stars because I bonded the most with these characters.  I thought it was a beautiful and painful story.  I loved every piece of it, even when I was aggravated with them.  I thought the characters were well developed and not cheesy at all.  I thought the way they loved each other definitely came across in the books, and when they were hurting so was I. When they were happy so was I.  It was a great read and definitely my favorite of the series!

BOOK FOUR: Lost for You- Chase and Taryn’s Story


Chase is damaged and so is Taryn.  I could tell from the start that this book was going to tackle much “darker” topics.  Taryn and Chase both have their own demons, and together they make for one recipe of disaster.

Two of Taryn’s best friends were tragically killed and it has changed the course of her whole life.  She is forever bound to the survivors and before meeting Chase she thought that she would always be with Beckett- her high school love.  As much as she has tried to move on from the accident, it is always the elephant in the room and is always the thing that pulls her back to her past.

Chase has a past of his own too- one that is filled with drug abuse and things he no longer does.  He has been sober for awhile, but when he meets Taryn he feels old habits and ways start sneaking in and realizes he actually has no control over anything.  He loves her but what does he love more??

Taryn and Chase were sooo dramatic for me, but I loved all of it!  I wanted to slap both of them at different times, but you could tell this story was therapy for both of them.  Each one separately held something that represented new and a fresh start- and they couldn’t have one without the other.  They both were stubborn and would let each other go, but gladly that’s not how the story ended.  They both had to also face their demons in order for them to move forward.. together.

I am giving this book a 4 star rating because again- I LOVED THE STORY!  It was one that had backstory and all sorts of dramatic points and turns, and just when you thought this would be the happy ending they deserved, she went and wrote another twist.  As with all of her books, Jayne is writing from a personal point and you could tell that Taryn needed to face that tragedy.  You could feel how the book was therapy – for me and for whomever reads it.  It was well written and very well developed.

Let me say this too-all Jayne’s books are HOT- girl knows how to write a steamy scene.  Her characters have chemistry, romance, friendship, and they feel like family.  They are relateable without being unattainable.  The stories were beyond good- they kept me interested and they were not cheesy.  They were amazing and you could tell each story that was told was special to the characters and the author.  She did them justice! So if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you take the plunge and read them all!  And if you are like me, you will blow through them.  And then you can join me in waiting for Logan’s story to be released.. so stay tuned!

If you would like to purchase them- good news they are FREE on Kindle Unlimited.  I have linked them all here for you below:

Gone for You

Fall with Me

Missing from Me

Lost for You

Also, you can follow Jayne on Instagram @jaynefrost.  Her books are also on audible if that is your preferred style too! 🙂

Have you read the Sixth Street Band Romance Series yet?  What did you think?

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