Review: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

I’ll be the first to admit and I know I felt better once I released my confession to the world- I have never read Harry Potter! 🙀 Zero, Nada, none of the books and none of the movies. I am 31 years old and successfully avoided them since the 6th grade.

I came across a friends Instagram (@mugandnook) where she mentioned she was going to be doing a read of them this year and I thought – what the heck I’ll join in! We have an official name and everything- #harreadpotter and I couldn’t be more excited to dive right in!

There are some suggested timelines but it’s nothing set in stone- read when and if you can to make it through the books in a year. It’s that easy! I also took the sorting quiz and was sorted to Hufflepuff. Yea, I went all in!

Now onto my review – not quite sure why I waited this long to read the books. It brought me back to a magical (obviously!) place I hadn’t been since childhood. I loved getting to know the world of Harry Potter, all of the characters I was introduced to, and the story itself.

I love Harry and Ron but my favorite character is Hermione – and I think she is underrated in this book so I cant wait to see how she blossoms in future ones. I love the three of them together and think they all work well together. Without one there wouldn’t the group. And I love how they find each other from the first day on the train and stick together. I also love that in this world HP has found his place- even though he stumbles still – it’s like people finally get him and he isn’t the weirdo that he has always thought himself to be. (Much like me finding the reading community!) I love that he has a place to excel, a place he can finally be himself and a place where he can do great things.

It’s an innocent enough first book and I’ve heard the others get more mature as the characters mature – but even as an adult I would recommend this book. It’s got all the elements of a story I enjoy and a plot twist I wasn’t expecting. It definitely made me believe in Magic again. It also totally set the stage for the great things HP is going to do.

I would give this book 4 Stars because I enjoyed it and it was an easy read. At times I did think it was childish but I am an adult so that’s expected. I loved diving in and wasn’t pleasantly surprised at how developed each character was. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Will you be joining in on the #harreadpotter fun?

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