Cooking and Current Read: Week of January 7-14

Hi guys!

So this week we thought we would try out a little something new!  One of my friends from school (and a person I LOVE to get book recommendations from) started a spice company in Baton Rouge, and additionally has started offering meal prep!  Two things I love in life are meal prep and reading, so I thought it would be great to feature them on this weeks Cooking and Current Read!

The name of the company is called Avec Tous Spice Company.  They are a small family run spice company founded by husband and wife that met while working as chefs in restaurants in Louisiana.  You can tell that they are passionate about spices, good food, and natural ingredients just from having a 5 minute conversation.  Christy and I have talked many nights about eating Paleo (we mainly eat that due to B’s dietary restrictions) and she has really got me thinking about what type of spices I use in my own home (#saynotoiodizedsalt).  The best part about their spice is that there is no weird ingredients included- just real Louisiana flavor and you can’t beat that! Trust me when I tell you that you will put this spice on everything – eggs, meat, seafood, you name it, we put it on it!


This week the menu is:


Being the pig that I am and the fact that I hate making decisions I told them to surprise us- so we got a little of everything on the menu! We have nibbled on everything so far and I may or may not have slurped up the balsamic glaze (I did). These can be portioned out for you or you can choose to share it with your loved ones.  If it was up to me I would eat them all myself …haha jk.. not really!

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So this week was made easy for us since we don’t really have to cook and we don’t have to worry about what we will bring for lunch.  For less than the amount we spend weekly on groceries, we will have about 8 meals total (we split each of the meals in half and got the 6 oz of protein with each meal).  I have been full and satisfied after every meal!

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So if you can stop drooling and keep reading, I will let you know what is on my schedule for #currentreads this week:

  1. Hot Shot by Karina Halle (5 stars)- Contemporary Romance
  2. Inseparable by Siobhan Davis (5 stars)- Contemporary Romance
  3. Privileged by Carrie Aarons (4 stars)- Contemporary Romance
  4. Beyond Danger by Kat Martin (still reading)-Romantic Suspense
  5. Hall Pass by L. Loren (need to read)- Adult Fiction
  6. By the Book by Julia Sonneborn (need to read)- Contemporary Romance

I finished the first two earlier this week and finished Privileged today!  You can see my full review of Hot Shot and Inseparable posted tomorrow on my blog (yay for Blog Tours!) I tend to review every book I read so make sure to check back or subscribe to the blog to get updates of my reviews!

So because I have to spend less time in the kitchen this week, I definitely think I can tackle reading my 6 books on my TBR list.  I am super pumped that I get to eat AMAZING food and relax by getting myself lost in books.

If you have read any of the books on my list, feel free to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!  If you want to order spices, be sure to head on over to Avec Tous Spice company’s website that I have linked above.

Happy Eating and Happy Reading!




4 thoughts on “Cooking and Current Read: Week of January 7-14

  1. For a couple years now my husband and I have cut carbs (not entirely) back greatly from our diets. At first it was sooooo hard. But honest to goodness you FEEL so much better! No bloat, no tiredness after a meal. And you’re not as hungry all the time! I recently have been told I’m lactose intolerant, cutting dairy has been much harder for me! Also that spice sounds Devine! Happy reading and cooking! You inspire me to cook!

    Xoxo Jess

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