Happy 3rd birthday, B!

Today is my Sweet B’s 3rd birthday so I thought I would share some of his tried and true, most loved books. {If I have to read Brown Bear Brown Bear one more time 😜} I can already tell B loves to read much more than my oldest – we are still working on him- so I hope he always loves books as much as I do!

You have made the last 3 years so much fun – from your goofy faces and voices to watching you grow and become a little man toddler. To think that in this past year you have stopped drinking from a bottle, started walking, started school, became more independent, and made tons of memories still blows my mind. You make me the happiest mama in the world and I know daddy feels the same! Keep on keeping on little man- happy birthday and we love you!

As some of you may know, he received 3 liver transplants at 6 months old. We wouldn’t be celebrating another birthday with our sweet boy without the miracle of organ donation and our heroes, especially Trinity. Thank you for giving us this moment and day! We could never say thank you enough.

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