Review: Beneath These Chains by Meghan March

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Title: Beneath These Chains

Author: Meghan March

Genre: Contemporary Romance


“I was raised on the streets, so I know things are rarely as simple as they appear—especially this rich girl showing up at my pawnshop demanding a job. She’s the most tempting thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ll be damned if I can make her leave.

Shit just got complicated … but when it comes to her, I want complicated. We’re both fighting our own demons, and our only chance at a future is to let go of the past.

But will we be strong enough to break free from beneath these chains?”


My Lord, my Lord- this book had me wanting to go to church and confess all my sins! As with the other two books that are in the series, I also adored Beneath These Chains.

This book is the story about Lord and Elle- two seemingly opposites that have cosmetically attracted and they just cannot get enough of each other. Each one of them is damaged in their own way, each one held down by their own set of chains, and this story is about them breaking free from all of them-society’s misconceptions, their pasts, and the future that can only happen once they break free.

While it seems like their paths should have never crossed, it does and there is no way they are leaving each other now. I love how much they love each other. I love that as much as Elle did not want to have a man control her, once she learned that true love isn’t about control, she had to just give in. I guess the Lord works in mysterious ways?! 😉

I love the Alpha Male that dominates this book and I love sassy character that is Elle.  Each book has had it’s own quirky type of mystery and I feel like I get my thrill out of them!  Meghan March has also included some very steamy scenes just for your reading pleasure, and man they are HOT!  Again, I also love the scene she sets, so it was an all around great read for me!

Overall I give this book 4 roasting stars because I did really enjoy this book and was pleasantly surprised by some of the twists and turns it took. One part in the end totally took me by surprise, and because it didn’t follow the way I thought it was going to go, I gave it one more star! I cannot wait to dive into the next book in the series and I really do enjoy the stories that Meghan March has created!

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