#AMonthofFaves: Favorite Book to Movie or TV Show

Today’s prompt: Wed. | Dec 13 – Favorite Book to Movie or TV Shows #AMonthofFaves – what were your favorites (and / or least favorites); did you both watch the movie and read the book; which was better?

I know I am a cutting it close, but I managed to get in my post!



My favorite book to TV (well I have two really) is Game of Thones and Outlander – in that order.  I AM OBSESSED WITH GAME OF THRONES.  I read the first book and then I finally caved in to watching the show last summer because everyone at work was talking about it.  So since I have major FOMO, I decided to join in the fun and finished up 6 seasons in about 3 months.  So this year when the 7th season came out, you could find me watching it on Sunday and then again on Monday to see what I missed.  I remember standing in front of the TV on the last episode with my mouth hanging wide open.  AMAZING.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Outlander I picked up because I didn’t know what to do with myself after finishing GoT and not having anything else to watch for the next two years lol.  I had read the books awhile back so I was excited to see it on TV and actually didn’t realize it was even on TV.

We did cancel cable and only have Direct TV now and free HBO through AT&T, so after I finished GoT, I just pay for the Starz app for like $7.99 to watch Outlander.  I told my husband as soon as it’s done, we can cancel that too!

I think I went to the movies twice this year (Bad Moms 2 for sure and maybe some Amy Schumer movie) so I didn’t watch any Books to Movies.  I really don’t like books to movies, so I do tend to ignore them.  No rhyme or reason, but mainly because I get mad because the actors aren’t who I pictured the whole book so it just ruins it for me.

Do you have a favorite book to TV show or a favorite book to movie?

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