Review: Beautiful potential by J. Saman

Title: Beautiful Potential

Author: J. Saman

Genre: Romance



I met Doctor Finnegan Banner on what was supposed to be one of the best days of my life. It turned out to be one of the worst. One year later, he saved my life.

And now I can’t get him out of my head. Constantly running into him at work only makes that worse.

He’s my perpetual savior. The most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.

He’s also the biggest jerk I’ve ever met.

But that doesn’t seem to stop me from wanting what he refuses to give.


The moment I laid eyes on Gia Bianchi, I knew my life was never going to be the same. That she was capable of healing every miserable, messed up piece of me.

She left me on the sidewalk only to walk back into my life one year later.

And now? Now she’s everywhere. All over my Emergency Department. Drinking in my bar. Ingrained in my every thought.

But love is cruel. Trust is an illusion. And I will not give in to either ever again.

Even though I’m crazy about her.


You know when you find yourself crying in the epilogue it is going to be a great book. I picked up this book to just read the epilogue and at around midnight I found myself sitting straight up clenching the iPad. That’s how good it was! I literally had to read it in one night no matter how tired I was going to be the next day.

I was brought back into the medical field lingo- one that I actually enjoy. My son was in the hospital for awhile so while I have no medical background, degree or training, once you live in it and just observe for as long as we did, you start to understand it. The author did a great job of actually using correct medical terms and even though I did not enjoy our time in the hospital, I was able to be taken to a medical setting and enjoy it.

I cannot imagine going through what Gia goes through. The story brought up all sort of emotions for me. I loved the two of them. I loved them apart and at other times I needed them together. I hated the way Finn would treat Gia and at other times I found myself completely ok with his actions because once you find out the why you don’t blame him one bit.

The book switches between dual POV and alternates between past and present. It was a quick read for me because I couldn’t put it down. I thought both main characters brought it all to the table – you will love them, hate them, laugh at them, and want this to work out for both of them.

If you have the chance to get it, I would highly recommend you getting it soon! Because of how much this book touched me and how much I fell in love with it I am giving it a 5 star roasting!

Do you plan to read Beautiful Potential? What other book brought so many ranges of emotions?

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