Review: The Borrowed Wife by Yoyo Opoku

The Borrowed Wife Part ITitle: The Borrowed Wife Part I

Author: Yoyo Opoku

Genre: Romance


Vida Frimpong hates and loves Mensah. Her marriage has its secrets and melancholy, but awesome sex. Living on the other side of the country was supposed to last six months, but after a YouTube video surfaces, Mensah becomes more distant as Vida waits for some sort of resolution. Her close-knit Ghanaian community provides her with love and laughter in New York, where she tries to balance the needs of her family and her desires for a more fulfilling life. But a late night car accident with a mysterious stranger suddenly gives Vida the opportunity to reexamine her future.

Julius Gallo, no ordinary billionaire, offers new views to Vida’s cultural beliefs—and an unconventional agreement.

Does Julius have all the answers? Can he provide Vida with the happiness she is longing for? Will Vida uphold her vows to Mensah, or take a chance and explore her passions elsewhere?

The Borrowed Wife Part I is an entertaining romance novel- and my how much I was entertained!

Wow! This book just blew me away. Yoyo sent me a copy of this book, and at first glance I wasn’t sure that it was going to be for me. But this book is a serious contender for my top 5 most enjoyed books of this year. I am so glad I went a little out of my normal cliche comfort books to read this. It has everything I could possibly want for in a book- the story she told was just brilliant. Vida is just hilarious and it was so much fun to not only read but learn about her sisters Ablaisms were hilarious (Who doesn’t want to go out and buy a pair of FMP’s)! It has romance, it has intrigue, it has humor, it has pain and deceit, it feels like it is a glimpse into someone’s actual life… and it is amazing! I went to bed thinking about this book and woke up thinking about it. And the way it was left off left me wanting more for sure- I still have so many questions, but it will definitely be a read I pick up. If you have not taken the chance for whatever reason on this book, YOU SHOULD!

I give this book a 5 star roasting and if you would like a copy you can purchase it here (FYI it’s free for Kindle Unlimited users):


I have also had the pleasure of emailing the author and she is a new self-published author so please give her Instagram some love @stilettosncrayons.

Do you plan on adding the borrowed wife to your TBR list?  If you have read this book, can you wait until the second one comes out?


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