Review: This is Love (Travis & Viola, #2) Checkmate Duet Series

This is loveAuthor: Kennedy Fox

Title: This is Love, Checkmate Duet Series Book #2

Genres: Romance, mature content- recommended for ages 18+ due to sexual content and adult language

This is the anticipated follow up book to This is War, Checkmate Duet Series featuring Travis and Viola.

We left off with Viola finding out that Travis has been in a bad wreck and to top it off her brother’s ex-girlfriend was found in the car with him… and not dressed. Also faced with the decision to go fulfill her dreams of getting out of a small town and working for a huge company or staying behind to take care of the man she loves, Viola must decide which is more important to her.

Travis knows that nothing happened with his best friends ex-girlfriend just as much as he knows that Viola is the one for him.  He wants to give her space, but he also wants to never let her go. How is Travis going to be able to keep her?

I hated how Travis and Viola’s story left us hanging at the end of the first book, but since I fell in love with their story, I had to go purchase this book right away, and it did not disappoint one bit.  There are ups- and you will love reading about them finally being together because deep down, you just root for them to make it.  Their love is sweet, and old, and it just works.  But then comes the downs- and boy does Kennedy Fox bring you down!  I love how they pieced together a story that could really happen, as many of us are faced with similar opportunities or options. I thought it was interesting to read about a woman who follows her career heart because I really thought for sure she would stay behind and just be with her man.  In the end, there was a surprising little twist, but as always I am glad love wins.

This story is told in dual point of view, and I felt that some huge chunks were missing from the story, but mainly it was me wanting to just know more of their story!

I would rate this book with 4.5 roasting stars and would definitely recommend you to go read it.

If you would like to purchase this book, you can find it on Amazon

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