Review: Checkmate (This is War)

Checkmate Cover

Author: Kennedy Fox

Title: This is War, Checkmate Series, Book 1

Genres: Romance

Viola and Travis haven’t always been enemies, but was he ever really her friend?  Viola is the little sister to Drew, which just happens to be Travis’ best friend and she has been in love with him since she was 10 years old.  These days, Travis is known as the king in and out of the bedroom, much to her dismay.  He is the only person that can make Viola’s blood boil hotter than water.  After being left alone together for two weeks, she finally caves to his ways, but that doesn’t change anything “Because the King is about to get played at his own game—and lose.”

First- this book is FREE right now, so go download it on iBooks- who doesn’t love FREE am I right??

Second, this book was FUN! I love an enemy to friend book (if you know how me and my husband met you will understand why!) and I love the banter between two people when you know that deep down they really just want each other.  This book is written in dual point of view, but I thought the author did a good job of keeping the story line flowing.  There was a character in the book that I absolutely disliked, mainly because we all know that girl but she didn’t make too many appearances so I got over her pretty quickly.

Lastly, the cliffhanger- AHH.  After I finished I went and downloaded the next book immediately.  I can’t stand not knowing how it ends, and I really hope that it ends the way I want it to.

This book was fun, flirty, and a little dirty, so if you are looking for a good read on a Sunday afternoon I would recommend this download.

I give this book 4 star roastings because I loved the story line.  Viola and Travis could be your best friends that always hated each other but deep down  you know they just belong together!

You can find this book on Amazon or iBooks for FREE!  Stay tuned for my follow up review on This is Love (2nd book in this series).

Did you read Checkmate: This is War?  Have you read other Kennedy Fox books?  Drop a comment and let me know what you think!

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