Since you asked..

My name is Brittany Elliser- CPA by day and book worm by night.  Kind of like Super Man, but without the Super or the man  😉

I have been reading since I can remember. I have vivid memories of completing my AR program in 2nd grade wayyyy before my other classmates. I remember reading Nancy Drew novels at my grandmother’s house during the summer and her commenting that I was not like the kids in her class. Mainly because my head stayed stuck in a book and the rate at which I was finishing them. I could sit and read for hours. I was and still am perfectly fine with not talking to anyone for days at a time if that means the book is that good. My mom has always had romance novels. She used to have these book covers to put on the books so she could read them in public and wouldn’t have to worry about anyone else seeing Fabio on the cover caressing a brunette lady with half of her boob hanging out. I’m pretty sure I started reading romance novels ways before I was supposed to, but if that’s the worst thing I did, I would say my parents ended up pretty lucky.

I started this blog mainly because I have read tons of books and I’m constantly getting tagged in my friends posts of what books I would recommend. I tend to stick mainly to romance novels, but I’m also into mystery, woman’s fiction, thrillers, and era specific books. I usually don’t read sci-fi but I can’t say I’ve never read it. Even if it’s boring or slow, I will finish it because I can’t leave a book unfinished.  My favorite author right now is Karina Halle  I love her style of writing and I had to read every book she wrote. She releases books pretty regularly so if you are like me and fly through author’s lists, you will enjoy her.

I plan to review as many previously unreleased romance books as I can get my hands on but would love for you to check out my archives for any past books I’ve read- these are my go to’s for when anyone asks for a recommendation.  I plan to post about every 2 weeks (hopefully more) so that you can have a some books to add to your TBR (to be read, don’t worry I had to look it up too) list.

I’m also the person that posts annoying pictures of food I make. I am a mom to two amazing boys, and one of them has had 3 liver transplants so he is extremely picky and somewhat limited in his diet. So if I find a cookbook that’s working for my family, you might see a review about it too in hopes that you can spend more time reading and less time cooking.

I hope you enjoy and please reach out for any questions or suggestions.


3 thoughts on “Since you asked..

  1. Welcome! Just wanted to say that I know exactly what it’s like to be limited when it comes to food. So I can relate to your son. I pretty much eat sweet potato sandwiches with greens, two times a day. Then salmon for dinner. The bread is also gluten free. Can’t eat dairy, and I don’t eat any animals that have legs, haha.

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